The beach

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It is my favourite place in Karachi . I often go there for a quick escape from my daily life . It is always an inspiring experience . Sometimes I get answers from the ocean I find no where else . Sometimes the sand tells me that everything is going to be fine .

I have seen sunrises while at the beach and I have seen sun dipping into the ocean at sunsets . I see kids play there like there is no bad in the world . I see the bhuttay waala selling bhuttas to make a livelihood . I see camels and horses giving rides to visitors . I see young kids bunking school and coming here for a dip . I see old young rich poor all types of people that add to its rich diversity . All these things are just colours to one big painting . No one colour is too prominent , but will surely be missed if it is absent .

I have shared stories with friends here , I have fought with a few as well . I come here every time I am distressed . I come here every time I feel happy .

Its a little secret that I have . A secret that I call the beach .

Culture or Religion ?

I am confused . On one side there is religion and on the other side is culture .For eg in a scenario where a muslim  country’s culture allows its women to wear (or not wear ) anything they like . Whereas Islam has clearly mentioned the way Muslim men and women are supposed to be covered . In this  scenario what is the solution ? Sometimes it is very hard to break the norms of the culture of a country and adapt the religious laws . People can revolt if their culture is disturbed . Countries can break on interference in their culture . For eg fall of dhaka in 1971 where acceptance of banga as official language was a big issue .

Being in Pakistan its still not fairly a difficult question because the dressing norms of this country are more or less in line with what Islam has prescribed . But what about countries like Malaysia or Turkey ? Religion or culture ?

Forget the clothes . Lets come to something else . For example role of women in politics and economics . Now according to my very limited knowledge I know that Hazrat Khadija R.A was a very rich lady and was a business woman . Similarly Hazrat Ayesha R. A was at some time involved in political affairs . So how can we follow their examples in  very conservative countries like Saudia Arabia , Pakistan and others ? Although Pakistan does have female politicians and business women but the culture and norms in rural areas are very different where women are not even asked for their consent before marriage .

So how can we merge our culture and religion in such a way where religion does not seem something outside of the culture or being forced upon ?

There are many other examples like banking laws ,  banning women from driving , music arts and entertainment , some  sharia laws like cutting hand on theft and etc  .

I will write more on this topic as I read and learn more . For now its safe to say that I am very confused on this topic . Will appreciate your  views .

The System

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It is no longer about a young boy who was murdered in cold blood by a feudal brat, who bought justice favourable to him. The story is not of Shahzeb and Shahrukh Jatoi – just take a look at the bigger picture. The elite in Pakistan keep making the big bucks and it is no secret how their money ensures they are above the law. I had a friend last year who ran over a poor, little boy on Seventh Avenue. He had called me crying, genuinely distraught and devastated by what had happened. He was under the influence of alcohol when he rushed the boy to the hospital, paid for his treatments – the boy did not survive. My friend, who I haven’t spoken to in over a year had told me his life had changed forever – that a human life had been lost and he would never drink and drive again…

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Bohot Hogaya

“Bohot saha tera zulm , bohot hogai yeh saza ,

Sunn tou sahi , arahi hai jeet ki sada .

Haath main merey hathyar jiss ka naam hai “Qalam”

Haath main merey hathayar  jiss ka naam hai qalam ,

Chal para hun main khatam kernay yeh sitam “

Umer Gill

28th Feb ’13

Just shade and move on

Today was my General Pathology and Microbiology exam . Went fine AH . Started at 2 and ended at 5 pm . The whole time I had a severe backache . Almost unbearable . The table was a bit too low for me and I had to bend a little too much to write which aggravated the pain even more .  Any how , I am glad the paper went fine . The invigilator was strict – with the boys . And his watch somehow went 5 minutes ahead during the course of the exam . I had to write quickly and I think lost a few marks because of my chronic time management problem .

The time management issue goes a long way back . Similar to Pakistan’s opening batting pair issue in cricket ; been there since ages without any solution . Goes back to the days of primary school when I used to be one of the last few kids to submit my test . Spend too much time formulating the perfect answer .  That’s why I’ve always liked mcqs and bcqs more. Just shade and move on , so simple . Anyway my next exam is on the 28th . Hope it goes fine too In sha Allah .Pharmacology . Need to remember a lot of stuff .

Terey Ishq ki Inteha chahta hun

Kisi ne Allama Iqbal sy pucha
Aqal ki inteha kia hai”
Jawab mila “Hairat”
Phir pucha Gia hairat ki inteha kia hai??
Jawab mila “Ishq”
Phir pucha gia k Ishq ki inteha kia hai???
Jawab mila “Ishq La inteha hai, Es ki Koi inteha nahi”
sawal karne wale ne kaha
“magar aap ne likha hai
“Tera Ishq ki inteha Chahta hun”
Iqbal ne muskura kar jawab dia
“Dusray misray men apni ghalti ka aitraaf b kya hai”
K” Meri sadgi Dekh Men Kia Chahta Hun !


Happy Iqbal Day !