Fine excerpt from A Long Walk To Freedom

Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm worker can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have , not what we are given , that separates one person from another – Nelson Mandela


My house job started on the 6th of January 2016. We have to complete at least 6 months in Surgery and Allied departments and another 6 months in Medicine and allied. I have been given Surgery and Allied first. The department I have to rotate in first is the much dreaded “Accidents and Emergency” or in other words “Shauba e hadsaat aur hangami imdad”  

I am working the nights these days where I have to report and 9 pm and leave at 8 am the next day. There is a fixed time to reach the hospital but no fixed time to leave as you cant leave till the morning shift arrives. Then you explain to them the the conditions and requirements of the different  patients admitted, their labs, xrays, meds etc and “handover” the patients.

Working at nights can be tiring but its an exciting experience. You cant sit much, let alone sleep, and you have to be on your toes the whole time. Its a different world altogether. With the continuous monitor beeps, and chasing lab reports all night on phone, its hard to imagine that the world outside is fast asleep. You meet lots of different people with a range of different issues: falls, poisoning, attempted suicide, road traffic accidents, MIs are few of the most common cases that we see very often and which keep us on our toes all day. And then an odd case of mania or bipolar disorder where the patient believes the world is out to get him can lighten the mood a little bit.

It took a little getting used to for me to keep up with the pace that the department required. Eventually it became a habit to such an extent that I am in that fast hyperactive mode even after few hours of coming back home where i eat sleep bath do everything so quickly like there will be an emergency in the next minute or so.

Looking at dead bodies, people dying in front of us in our hands and then breaking the news to the families and has become all so common for me. You eventually desensitize. You have to. There is no time for emotions as there is a patient fighting for his life on the next bed who really needs your attention and can still be saved.

I will be posted in the ER for one  month. For me the people working in the ER and taking this field as life long careers are the true super heroes. This is as close to Superman,Batman and Wondergirl as you can get in real life.

Karachi Recently

Karachi has seen a very welcome change in the past few months. Law and order seems to be improving and crime rate has gone down drastically. All thanks to the man of the moment General Raheel Shareef, COAS Pakistan. The recent chaand raat shopping spree and 14th August celebrations are a proof of this. I had never seen such celebrations on the 14th of August on Karachi streets my entire life. People generally feel safer and there is optimism in the air. Here’s to better and peaceful times in the city and all over the country. All the best General Sahaab!

Being productive in times of hardships. (Copied from productive muslims)

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Thoughts on 23rd March Pakistan day

Pakistan is a country with four provinces more than 10 languages rich with different ethnicities breathtaking mountains old civilizations all seasons rivers forests and a beautiful coastal line . We have natural deep sea ports and some of worlds highest mountain peaks including k2 and nanga parbat . We have the worlds 5th largest military one of the largest reserviors of coal copper gold and various minerals . Our people have won oscars olympic gold medals worldcups and various international events in many sports includion polo snooker cricket squash weight lifting boxing to name some  . We have the highest polo ground in the world . Pakistan produces top quality surgical goods and sports products including the footballs used in fifa worldcups . One of the handful countries home to snow leapords and home to poet of the east . Country with the first female prime minister in the muslim world . A feat which even usa hasnt achieved in its more than 200 years of history . Being a tropical country that strtches to the himalayas in the north we have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables . Our people are resilient hardworking patriotic and dedicated . Yet Pakistan is one of the poorest countries in the world . It has one of the poorest infant and maternal mortality rates . A country with a potential of so much has one of the lowest literacy rates . Its the most dangerous country for journalists . It witnesses the largest  number of suicide attacks per annum . And despite all the good mentioned above Pakistan is known mostly for its terrorism worldwide .

Why ?

People have different opinions to the question . Some see bigotry and religious extremism as the no 1 problem . Some see corruption . Some see the law and order situation as the culprist whereas some see impartiality favouritism and biased attitude without merit as the top most priority as the reason for the sad state of affairs in pakistan . Whatever the no 1 reason is there is no doubt that all these contribute to the problems we face .

We have been facing these issues for too long now and it has resulted in a loss of pride and insecurity in our people . Every good news is a luxury hard to come by these days.

The Pakistan day parade today was no less than a luxury . It was a much needed morale boost for the people . The social media was a buzz with the pictures and videos from the parade and there were statuses and tweets praising the armed forces of the country . The hastag #PakistanDayParade tretrended world wide for more than 5 hours today and was tweeted more than 71 thousand times . Mostly generated from within Pakistan . Thats how happy we were today . Thats how happy i was today .

It shows the immence love people have for the country and that only if we have good leadership which is not hell bent on corruption we can achieve a lot . We can easily surpass countries like india.  pakistan is a relively small country and easier to manage with a large workforce . If opportunities are created sky is the limit for our people.

we also need to let go of this india centric approach . Its going to restrict us to the level of what india achieves at max and not more . We dont want that. We want more . If we follow our ideals as laid down in quran sunnah and take guidance from the speeches and poetry of iqbal and others we wont even need to see what others are doing. We’ll easily surpass all . I see pakistan as a counry similar to turkey with greater power in near future if we do that . We are also the only muslim country with a nuclear bomb . We can take the role of the leader of the muslim nations if we set our home straight. Our people are passionate about the muslim cause world wide including palestine and i believe we can become the country that has the capability to look directly into the eyes of israel or other enemies of the muslim world . We should focus on the greater role of pakistan in the muslim world .

About kashmir , we need to think with our brain not heart . Kashmiris always will relate to Pakistan more than India. It has always been ours . Kashmiris love Pakistan and by heart they are Pakistanis . We need to keep this issie alive in uno but at the same time focus on peaceful relations with india to work more on our internal issues . Kashmir issue sooner or later will be resolved and  in the mean while lets focus on the issues at hand like education terrorism etc . The kashmir cause should be taken as a humanatarian issue . We must raise it in all international forums but wars and skirmishes will get us no where . Kashmiris are a people who are supressed and thier right to freedom is being ignored by India and we relate to their cause because thats the basic foundation on which Pakistan came into being .

All in all it was a very good day for the people of pakistan . One should thank the armed forces and the army chief for the effort . Heres to hoping the parades will continue every year and will include more of our culture languages traditions and history as well in the future .

What a Pakistan win means

The result of cricket matches involving pakistan have immense influence on our mood . for me a pak loss can destroy the whole day , a weekend or even the week! ( sometime  back a pak loss against india indirectly landed someone i know in a psychiatrist’s clinic ! ) . where as a win can guarantee better moods and behavior with friends family and people close by . thats how seriously we take our cricket . the bigger the victories the better the moods . we beat ireland today and qualified for the quarter finals . hence expecting a good week and happier people ! aussies next . all the best pakistan